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If you have a damaged and accidental car in your backyard, office or shipyard that you need to get it removed, now is the right time to do that.

Get Cash for damaged and accidental car on the spot

We offers you the BEST QUOTE on your damaged vehicles in Melbourne. Paying up to $10,000, we carry a trusted name in the region serving a vast client-base for over 15 years. Carwrecker.melbourne handles in all kind of damaged and accident vehicles including, SUVs, luxury cars, trucks, vans, 4WDs, and any other type of vehicle. Give us a call at 03 8658 1792 to learn more details of our services.

We accept all models of damaged and accidental car

Don’t worry about the make, model or the condition of your scrap car in Melbourne. Therefore, irrespective of what condition or distorted shape your vehicle is in, we accept ALL VEHICLES in every condition that you can imagine of.

Carwrecker.melbourne is now offering damaged / accident car removal at NO COST in Melbourne and its suburbs. We remove the car from your given address and give you top dollar on your vehicle asking you to pay NOTHING for removal services.

Why Carwrecker.melbourne?

  • Because we are proud of giving the best return in cash to you instantly!
  • Because Carwrecker.melbourne makes sure to leave close to no carbon footprint while disposing your damaged vehicle.
  • We keep to our promise of giving you top cash with no unethical marketing tactics to lure our valued customers.

Why then trust other names when you can get best quote, expert and courteous team, fast 24/7 service, and environment-friendly dismantling with Carwrecker.melbourne!

Oh and while we are at eco-friendly scrapping of damaged vehicles in Melbourne, it should be shared that own its very own scrap yard. By owning our scrapyards, we ensure to follow stringent environment-friendly guidelines. This also enables us to give you top dollar on your damaged or crashed vehicle in Melbourne as we try to salvage and recycle every single component.

Since, Carwrecker.melbourne with selling your damaged car removal for absolutely free. Call us today at 03 8658 1792 to avail this rewarding offer.

Steps for removing car

If you are wondering how easy our Damaged Car Removal Melbourne service is, here are a few steps. Follow these to get rid of your scrap vehicle while getting top dollar in return!

  1. Give us a call at 03 8658 1792 .
  2. Give us the details of your vehicle including make, model, age, and condition.
  3. Our expert team of appraisers will analyze the details and calculate unmatched top cash offer on your vehicle.
  4. We get back to you with our damaged and accidental car offer.
  5. Once you approve our offer, we come to your doorstep for damaged car removal services. You give us the time of your convenience and our team will make no excuses whatsoever about your preferred schedule!
  6. Carwrecker.melbourne team reaches your address at your given time. You can get the money while our team performs scrap car removal in Melbourne.
  7. Another main things is that our expert team moves on to the next phase of reselling or disposing off the scrap vehicle.

Call us today at 03 8658 1792 and relax in your seat with a cup of coffee. Now Forget your damaged vehicle in Melbourne and get a new asap. Since we take care of everything for your car removal requirements with top dollar offers.

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