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Car Wrecker Melbourne offers Cash For Car Wreckers Melbourne Wide Same Day Payment For all Scrap Unwanted Cars, Trucks, Commercial vehicles, motorcades, and Utes. Contact us at (03) 9039 2867 to Sell Your Scrap Vehicles to dismantlers and also get used car parts at affordable prices. We pay car sellers on the spot without any major paperwork.

wrecking make model

Cash for car wrecker Melbourne for various Manufactures

Almost deals in all sorts of vehicles to buy from vehicle owners in Melbourne wide but it talks about our expertise in the below models and hopes there will be only 10% of vehicles we deal out of the list below. Also, additional services for below make us get you top of 6-7% on the quoted fair and competitive price that you got from somewhere else if deal with us. However, it totally depends on requirements so we can not commit that we always offer increased value. Below models are in most demand so always we buy on priority.

  • Ford
  • Toyota
  • Holden
  • Daihatsu
  • Kia
  • Honda
  • Hyundai
  • Isuzu
  • Skoda
  • Subaru
  • Suzuki
  • Volkswagen
  • Isuzu
  • Lexus
  • Audi
  • Renault
  • Alfa Romeo
  • BMW
  • Chevrolet
  • Citroen
  • Dodge
  • Volvo
  • Fiat
  • Chrysler
Scrap Car Wreckers

Leading Car & Truck Recyclers in Melbourne

Why do customers choose us for Truck Wreckers? As per our working scenario and satisfaction level. Earlier we only used to deal in Cars and other small vehicles for auto wrecking. But sometimes we got our return customers to buy their trucks so we launched Wreck Yard for Trucks in Melbourne. When a lot of agencies are dealing with wrecking services for cash. It’s true but we are always reliable for deals when it comes to money. As we are one of the leading truck wreckers VIC, we are an experienced car removals company in Melbourne wide. We have been confirmed to attain a good market value by our satisfied customers. The fast car wrecking services are t provided in almost all metro cities of Australia, as we have several offices and that’s the reason we can offer this great service (car wrecking) on the same day.

Furthermore, we are known as expert car removals, offering instant car wrecking for all kinds of passenger and commercial vehicles including commercial cars, trucks, buses, Utes, 4WDs, trailers, and more!

Vehicle recycling is the dismantling of vehicles for spare parts. At the end of their life, vehicles have value on account of spare parts and this has created a vehicle dismantling industry.

Specialists approach any place in Melbourne

If you have an old car that is not functioning well then you can take our assistance in this regard. Just give us a call and we will be there for you at your residence for the disposal of your scrap metal/car.

Free and instant quotation

  • Quick & straightforward service
  • Free collection of all vehicles
  • Money on the spot

Advantages of car wrecker Melbourne:

There are numerous advantages for customers if they want to sell their unwanted car to a wrecker. However, the government allows the registration for a given time limit to make our environment safe for human beings. If the time is over and you looking to sell it so we welcome you.

Efficient Three Step Process:

  1. Call us at 03 8658 1792. Provide us the information of your car. Be it scrapped, wrecked, old, or new!
  2. Our expert appraisers will go through the details. We calculate each and every part of your car that could be salvaged offering you the unmatched top cash offer.
  3. Once you agree to the quoted price, our fleet comes to the assigned address.

Why Car Wreckers Melbourne for cash?

Car Wrecker Melbourne is among the largest auto wreckers Melbourne and offers beneficial services related to free car removal that get you direct benefits to your pocket. We quote what we can actually offer and don’t use devious marketing plans to entice customers in. Have faith in us for our car wrecking facilities in Melbourne. We also buy and sell second-hand vehicles giving you the best offers. Whether your car is roadworthy or whether it is totally scrap; we provide you the top buck for your cars.

Same Day Cash Paid for car in Melbourne

We provide instant facility to our customers once they approach us for the services. What you have to do is to offer details concerning your car. Our specialists will come to your place to check the condition of the car. Once it is verified payment is done on the basis of make, model, year as well as condition.

Buy Used Vehicle Parts & Wrecking Solutions

It’s been a long time now, car wrecker Melbourne is providing used vehicle spare parts with fast and top-notch support. In addition, get in touch with other models of trucks, vans or commercial vehicles as well for discount supplies of parts.

If your vehicle engine maintenance is too expensive and thinking that buying a new engine would cost more because of your car’s condition. Don’t wait longer and come to us for the solution. Call us to get the solution of record of used, restored and all sort of components even tyres as well as batteries at great prices.

Wholesale Car Parts: Get the parts you need at the most reasonable rates in the Melbourne region. Pre-Owned Car Components: Wheels, motors, gear shifts, mufflers, exhausts, and several more. Refurbished Vehicle Components in the region such as Doors, fenders, etc.

As we are the topmost vehicle part merchants in the Melbourne area and are closely associated with our customers who previously use our services, they found us low-cost suppliers but dependable used vehicle parts (Holden, Nissan, Ford, Honda, Japanese, and Volkswagen vehicles) to our clients.

We dismantle scrap cars & trucks for parts

As we buy the wrecked car for cash, if you’re the car is totally damaged by fire or water and appears to be scraped. You will get money and dismantle it where the helpful parts of these types of cars separate from its body and salvage the rest metal for re-use. Our dismantling process is very recyclable as we follow the policies of government’s guidelines.

It is a kind of process where cars are dismantled for body parts, engine parts, transmission, electrical parts, and tires. For tires, deal or any spare parts that you need to purchase at the time of maintenance, we do the work for you.

Our Melbourne Wide Service & Locations.

✔ Dismantle Yard
✔ Scrap Car Dismantlers
✔ Dismantlers For Scrap & Accidental Cars
✔ Dismantlers for old trucks
✔ Dismantlers for Unwanted Cars
✔ Wreckers For Trucks & Cars
✔ Wreckers in Werribee
✔ Wreckers in Sunshine
✔ Wreckers in Western Suburbs
✔ Wreckers in Southern Suburbs
✔ Wreckers in Northern Suburbs
✔ Wreckers in Eastern Suburbs
✔ For Scrap Trucks Dandenong
✔ Car Buyers Laverton

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Get Instant Cash from Local Auto Wreckers

We at provides local car wreckers most of the regions in Melbourne Australia. There are biggest network of Melbourne suburbs for car wrecking with all sorts of services. Once you decide to take a look in to any kind of car removals, you must visit us for better pricing. Our company offers the best way of communication online where we solve your 60% queries and guarantee for maximum cash up to $18999. However, if you are dealing with someone else and feeling that quoted prices are not same which you’re looking for.

Local Car Wreckers

We most welcome in that condition as well. Don’t hesitate and let us know that we got a quote for my car. But I am quite worrying about the offered prices and looking around the figure whatever is in your mind. Our team will try to beat the given quotes. It’s not only for the car wrecker business but also cash for car, car removals as well as one of the biggest dealing sectors in commercial vehicle as well. Truck, buses, vans are also the same way for wrecking now the part of our business.

How do local car wreckers work?

It is the Geo based services once we get the quotes will find out the nearest office to you. Your request sends to our physical location which is very close to your home or business location for quickly response. Kindly check our locations here and we are sure that you must be available in under these locations because our covering locations are almost in whole Melbourne.

Our Local car instant car dismantle services are-

Local car wrecker Melbourne
Local car removals Melbourne
Cash for car Local Service

Environmentally friendly wrecking
Local scrap and junk car removal service
Second hand and old car removals local in Melbourne

Easy way to find instant cash in three steps

Most of the time the whole procedure works in three steps which are Contact us-We come to your place and finalize the deal- Get your cash right away.

Way of connecting with us

There are several ways to get in touch with us online. People can either dial a direct line number for our great customer service which is 03 8658 1792. Also, another way is just to visit us, Car Wrecker Melbourne, and put your details in the query form. So we could arrange a call back for you or write an email

Paper Work that we require

Paperwork is mandatory as per government norms for the car removal industry. However, the part of the paperwork is not too complicated from the customer’s end. Moreover, there will be two major documents ID Proof and Registration of Vehicle need to carry and further verification steps and all will be done by our end.

What about Car Wreckers In Melbourne?

Car wrecking is a basic need for all countries where car buyers purchase the car for dismantling purposes. After towing the car from your location, we put it to our wreck yard where useful auto parts are to be sold for operating vehicles. The location of the business is commonly known as the Wrecking yard where the process whole process runs. Sometimes when you need urgent money to buy a new car and looking for a buyer to sell your car it works for you.

The countries are also using different names for this business like wreck yard, wrecker’s yard, salvage, breakers yard, dismantler, and scrapheap. But in Australia, you can check it by car wrecker Melbourne. Visit to learn more
The term wrecker is also called tow car, or tow truck. A vehicle equipped with a mechanical apparatus for hoisting and pulling, used to tow wrecked, disabled, or stalled automobiles. visit to learn more

Take Free Advantages

We are offering free stuff that you love to sell your old, junk, or spare car to the wreckers are-
Free Online quotes
Your paperwork will be free of cost.
Free towing service from your home

We don’t charge anything for these services whether you deal with us or not. Our main motive is to satisfaction of customers, if they don’t love the quotes offered by us, we never force them for any related work. The health and safety of all our customers and team members is our top priority. We follow and comply with all guidelines and guidelines of the Australian Government and Local Government Departments of Health and take all necessary steps to maintain the necessary level of hygiene.

Car Wrecker for Brands and our based locations

Car wrecker Melbourne has a team to remove the car for cash in Melbourne on time. We deal as car wreckers and provide the below services for each make and model.

Toyota car wreckers
Mazda wrecker
Nissan wreckers
Toyota corolla wreckers
Mazda bravo wrecker
Maxima wreckers

Locations of Car Wreckers

Car wrecker Melbourne
Local car wreckers

Read more about our all locations in Melbourne. Visit the Location Page for detailed information on your suburb. Also, find here to visit cash for the car in Sydney with all suburbs.

Helpful staff – Melbourne Wreckers

A high level of satisfaction is guaranteed!! Deal with us and be a rich man by removing old and scrap cars today. Come to us to get instant cash for

  • Used cars, trucks, vans, or SUVs of all types of conditions accepted
  • A vehicle whether it is running or not
  • We take the car and all the paperwork
  • For the closest near to your Home
  • Fully Licensed, bonded, and insured

Biggest Seller For Used Spare Parts:

We have been working in the spare auto parts market for so many years. If you are looking for any high-quality parts that cost you too much to buy a new one so don’t waste your money now. There is a massive range with very normal charges and an affordable cost you need to pay for any car part/auto part whether you’re looking for anybody, engine, electric, or AC parts. We do have almost 80% of usable parts available for all makes and models and if any case we don’t have them, our team will take 24 hours to arrange the emergency parts supply from other resources.

(03) 9039 2867